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AUDI R8 V10 5.2 FSI - Sensational- Sophisticated - Dramatic

Having entered and fortunately won the MGMW’s Phil Llewellin award, I got the opportunity to test any Audi of my choice for a week. The Phil Llewellin is a writing competition for young car journalists to write an entry to win some nice prizes. For me the choice was easy, clearly I would pick the R8 V10 Spyder. Before even seeing or driving the car I knew what a technological masterpiece the car was and how fun it will be for me and my dad who’s lucky enough to drive the car.

R8 Spyder is a very stylish supercar from the front and side.

Rear styling is very nice as well. A design that should not date.

The Audi R8 V10 5.2 FSI S Tronic is a 4 wheel drive, mid-engine 525bhp supercar. This combination is a recipe for something very quick, something very agile and something very very fun. We received the car on the 1st of July, which was on a Wednesday and sadly also on a school day. But because I am now in 6th form I had a half day that day, so we decided to go all the way to central Wales to tour reservoirs and the Brecon Beacon hills before dropping down to Cardiff Bay and back to the Midlands – in a 350 mile initial test run.

Wheels at each corner combined with 525bhp eat up Welsh Hill roads. Great fun.

As soon as my dad turned up to the school in the R8 I was so eager to jump in and see what it could do. The car is stunning to look at, it’s a true head turner, its aerodynamic shape with stylish lights, massive chrome alloys, side air scopes and its retractable roof all adds up to make a very attractive package, for less than you would expect for a supercar.

As soon as get into the R8 you realise how well made and designed it is, typical of the Germans. The cabin is made of quality materials, with tactile and responsive buttons, machined aluminium paddles and quilted black Nappa leather seats. The steering wheel and dials create a near fighter pilot cockpit, giving you a sense of control and how fast you can go.

Quality interior with super sport seats comfy after 350 mile journey.

If I could describe the car in one word it would be lush, the car is extremely pleasing to all senses. The V10 engine noise is majestic, when revved it transforms from an already amazing noise into a roaring tiger, a noise that would satisfy anyone’s ears. What once was sound quickly transforms itself into astonishing acceleration, something which I have not experienced before. On a quiet road the 0-60mph is startlingly quick just under 4 seconds on my watch. Yet in town the car is remarkably smooth and calm for everyday use. The S tronic gearbox is super quick and silky smooth. However – press the sport button and the gear changes are dramatic, the sound magnificent. The aluminium paddle shifters give you complete rein over gear changes allowing you to explore the V10 at high revs to make an orchestra of noise. What fun.

The 4 wheel drive and humungous tyres anchors the car to the road giving immense feeling of safety on the tight and wet Welsh roads near Rhayader and the open reservoir roads in the Elan Valley. Travelling up and over the Brecon Beacons you can sense this car is “Wolf in Sheeps clothing”. It has the potential for agile and aggressive behaviour if pushed and can nestle calmly amongst the flock.

"Wolf in Sheeps Clothing"  - will blend in most environments with style.

Most things about the R8 are brilliant. The engine speaks for itself. The castellated brakes have immense stopping ability, the Bang & Olufsen radio is top notch, the soft-top roof is strong and provides a nice environment when the roof needs to be up. But most of the time you just have to have the roof down. Only the infotainment navigation and the position of the sports mode button prove a bit fiddly when focused purely on driving, it would be better to have the "magic button" on the steering wheel. The new 2015 R8 cabin looks to address these nit-picking comments.

Brilliant castlelated disc brakes match the power of the V10

During the week over 1200 miles were clocked up going to Wales, Cornwall and other places and averaged 20mpg.  Each time passengers remarked on the style and excitement the amazing car delivers. £129,750 is a lot of money for a car but you get a terrific lot of car and technology for your money. Few super cars could be driven everyday at such ease. The R8 V10 Spyder is special supercar.  Some of the adjectives to describe the R8 Spyder instinctively included – Sensational – Sophisticated – Stylish – Dramatic and even Ballistic. Take it down town, mountain or beach road and the R8 Spyder  turns heads and excites drivers and passengers in spades. The R8 experience creates a great lasting memory for all drivers which included a slow drive around a paddack for me!

R8 Spyder - A beautifully formed supercar for a slow journey around a paddock!

In summary - the R8 Syder V10 is a seriously good supercar and deserves a TOPCAR score of 9/10. An engineering masterpiece and future classic.

Thanks to the Midland Group of Motoring Writers (MGMW) and Audi UK for the amazing prize


The You Tube video below captures the awesome qualities of the R8 Spyder V10.


And finally the car deserves a bit of TLC before going back to Audi!






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