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Young Driver Events are a Fun Way to Learn to Drive


Most youngsters between 11-17 have the urge to drive a car. For most there has not been the opportunity. The nearest thing is to go karting. Few are lucky enough to have access to a field and a car. Since the launch in 2009 there is a new fun and smart solution provided by Young Driver who uses large open spaces such as old airfields and car parks with hand picked instructors and brand new cars.

Wet and Dry Emergency Braking Session


Since 2009, Young Driver has delivered more than 60,000 driving lessons to 11-17 year olds.  Its business is making learning to drive fun and helps reduce the high risks of having a crash, serious injury or death. 

On a sunny April morning I had the opportunity to have a morning session over 3 hours for those who had some basic driving skills. I’m 14, and looked forward to the event at ProDrive  car proving ground at Kenilworth, which was a former airfield. I spent the whole morning along with about 30 other young drivers on 3 driving sessions covering Dynamics, Motorway and Skid Pan and a classroom lesson on driving awareness.

Dynamics Driving Session                                                         Motorway  Driving Session up to 70mph

We drove in groups of 2 in new Seat Ibiza’s. The car is great for learning being not too small and not too big, not too fast and not too slow, just right. My favourite section was the dynamic driving because of all the quick turning and acceleration. Luckily the cones were not walls or trees! We changed instructor for each of the 3 driving sessions. Each instructor gave me lots of useful tips and confidence to improve my driving skill, as it was my first time getting up to high speeds of 70mph.

During the event we learnt the vital skills that are used in every day driving situations. We drove on a variety of different surfaces, which simulate wet and slippery roads. We learnt how to join and exit a motorway safely and if in an emergency to use the emergency brakes with ABS.

The driver awareness session was presented run by Marcus a retired Police Driver who presented lots and safety video’s of the risks ,facts and details about young drivers. One of the key messages presented was “only fools break the two second rule” which highlighted the need to allow time for your own and others to react.

Classroom Driver Awareness Session - "Filling the Empty pot of Experience."

Some of the statistics about young drivers include:-

1. Road crashes are the biggest single killer of young people in the UK and worldwide
2.Young drivers are involved 1in 4  fatal and serious crashes, despite only making up one in eight driver licence holders
3.An 18-year-old driver is more than three times as likely to be involved in a crash as a 48 year-old
4.One in five new drivers has a crash within six months of passing their test
5.Young male drivers have much higher crash rates than young female drivers.
6.Young male drivers aged 17-20 are seven times more at risk than all male drivers - but between the hours of 2am and 5am their risk is 17 times higher.
7. Of young people killed on roads, only one-third of young drivers and one-fifth of young passengers were belted up

Research by Young Driver shows that teenagers taught to drive before the license age of 17 have 45% less accidents than the national average. Statistics show that nationally 20% of newly qualified drivers have an accident in their first six months on public roads. Accident rates amongst youngsters trained by Young Driver are down to 11%

Whilst all the young drivers had a great time, most of the parents seemed very happy as well. Several said “I wish they had driving lessons in my day”. Overall the event was well organised, with plenty of drinks and biscuits and a bus to ferry them around to see their young drivers.


                            Me - Certified and one of the SEAT's                               Red Bus ferrys parents around driving activities and refreshments               

To sum up, Young Driver training is great fun and I will use them over the coming years before my road lessons! Any Kid between 11-17 will just love it . I think it is a  great place to start driving. It’s a place to start safe, rather than to start unsafe on a busy road.It's good learning with others as you can learn from each others mistakes. I think starter driving lessons builds confidence and we would see a lot less "kangaroo learner" drivers on our streets. The normal  half hour lessons cost £30 each  or 6 for £150. The half day sessions cost £95 and are aimed at youngsters with about 3 hours experience. For parents,  I suggest the  Young Driver, sessions make a great gift and a valuable driving experience. 

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