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Jaguar F Type V6S– “FAST, AGILE, LOUD, FUN and BEAUTIFUL.” or simply “F” for Fabulous.


The Jaguar E-Type was made between 1961 and 1974. Its combination of good looks, high performance and competitive pricing established the marque as an icon of 1960s motoring. More than 70,000 E-Types were sold and the very best examples now fetch over £100,000. The replacement has been on and off the drawing board for the past twenty years. Thanks to TATA the natural alphabetical “F” type replacement is now reality and launched on the 19th April just up the road in Coventry.  Now just 8 weeks on, my test review of the F Type V6S became reality thanks to JLR giving Erol Mustafa – Vehicle Engineering Manager the OK to take me out.


Natural Progress from E Type to F Type

Erol outlined his role on the F-Type was to fit all the pieces of the jig-saw puzzle comprising of engine’s, chassis and exhaust together “to be in perfect balance”. Before setting off we walked around the car with him pointing out finer details. The exhaust on the V6 and V6S are in the centre and allow for a sharper rear end than the V8.The tail lights are fine details. Overall, the car overall looks stunning. Everything fits perfectly.




                     F Type is Beautiful from the front, side and rear

Once I stepped into the F-Type by using the James Bond style door handles, which flip out when unlocking you are immediately impressed. The interior is very pleasing to the eye with plush seats and a modern centre console. The sitting position is nice and low and the dash is quite high which creates a sporty atmosphere for the passenger. The simple and solid cockpit oozes quality from every stitch and dial. The large central binnacle contains two air vents that rise up from the dashboard when needed. Beneath the vents is the infotainment, which controls the cars dynamics, satnav, phone and radio. The dash is a very neat piece of detailed design and execution from the concept sketches shown below.

CX16 - Concept details  in 2011 become impressive reality in F Type in 2013.

In the F-Type stable there are 3 engines the V6, V6S and the V8S respectively having 335 BHP, 375 BHP and 448 BHP. On starting up the V6S I could immediately sense there were enough ponies up front. The sound is great without even moving! But with the active exhaust in to play it sounds godly.

My test ride was around country roads of Warwickshire. The Jaguars chassis easily impresses with it gliding and swerving into corners, it seems like all the car is in harmony. The car has an aluminium chassis, which makes the car stiff and agile without trying too hard. Erol slipped the car into its natural mode DYNAMIC! The dynamic mode sharpens throttle response, stiffens suspension and gives quicker gear changes. The exhaust becomes raspy and crackles with the flip of the paddle or touch of the auto gear lever. The car exudes fun and feels fast and makes you smile. The claimed 0-62mph sprint time is 4.8 seconds and will be quick enough for most drivers.

Orange "Excitement" switch just to the right of  the  Auto box lever

Other details, which will impress all, are the speed in which the roof folds up and down, which can be done at speeds of 30mph.  A rear spoiler pops up at your command or above 60mph which helps improve handling with increased down force.

So are there any negatives with the F Type? Yes, possibly just 2 comments. Many feel the UK price is too high. Clearly, quality  and high technology comes at a price. And the boot is too small and odd shaped to carry anything other than a hand luggage suitcase. The boot space, whilst small still compares well to a R8 or 911 with 200L. However, to sum up the F-Type is exactly as Erol says “FAST, AGILE, LOUD, FUN and BEAUTIFUL.”. Or simply in my words “F” is for Fabulous. This is truly a 2013 TOPCAR and will no doubt become a global success.

The F-Type is more than just a great sports car. It flys the British flag for great design, engineering and jobs. Great job by JLR and Erol. So, if you can afford such a sports car.......... go on........ buy British and fly the flag.


TOPCAR RATING - 4.5 out of 5 Stars *****

TOPCAR facts:-

Price – £67,500

0 -62mps        4.8 seconds

Top Speed     171 MPH

Economy  31.0 MPG

Power  375 BHP, V6, 2995cc

Star Rating           4.5 out of 5

Thanks to JLR and Erol Mustafa – Vehicle Engineering Manager

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