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How did the website start?

I, William Savage, created the idea of the website Topcarnews was developed from a piece of ICT classwork at North Leamington School which was to create a concept website using PowerPoint. I created some colourful concept pages and named the project TOPCAR. Taking the work home, the idea was developed further on the computer and a search of website names identified the TOPCARNEWS name was actually available for just £5.99 for 2 years. Following some discussions with my dad and some help from a local web design studio in Leamington, Light Media, a scalable website platform was created that could be easily and quickly filled with my opinions, articles and lots of photos.


Starting point

How has the website changed over the years?

Since the launching of my website at the start of the Olympics back in July 2012 I have been helped by many businesses which have given me lots of help such as Aston Martin and Rybrook. Their support has allowed me to grow the website with fresh and cool content.
Over these 2 years I have seen my website expand and grow in its content and variety. I believe I have also grown during the process of having my website. I have had amazing opportunities, such as having work experience at Aston Martin or trialling a self-balancing unicycle.

Since 18th May 2012 I have released 64 articles, 136 news posts and 2 kugelblitz Awards, this wouldn’t have been possible without help from local branches and Newspress. To this day I still find it funny how companies or writers contact me for either advertisement or for a place in which they can post their work.



Being a young site still it will need time to grow. The content will be influenced by the opportunity readers to send in articles and pictures, particularly from businesses and their workforce involved in the car industry. I am very grateful to all those that have given guidance in developing this website. A key element of this site is to find some interesting news, fun experiences, maybe some sound advice and  helpful services or products on the NoticeBoard. A special thank you to Tony Probert at LightMedia communications for liking my schoolboy concept website and creating a easy web platform to drop in articles,  to our family friend Nick Hull at Coventry University - Car design lecturer and friendly business owners and managers who I have met over recent months.

Take your time and play on the site and dig around. I hope there  will be some cool stuff going on in all the sections - from car design studios, motoring events to promoting engineering. We aim to keep the website up to date as possible. Sorry we can’t respond to all contacts. If we use your articles we will make a donation to a local and national charity as any profit permits. This site is a bit of an  adventure made possible through  some luck and Perseverance.


Buy British – Buy Local


Mini First – great fun from £12k

Nissan Juke – a “Marmite Car”  from £13K

Honda  CRV – smooth looking SUV from £22k

Land Rover – Freelander  4 X 4 fun  from £22K

Jaguar XF – Executive sparkle – from £29K

Range Rover Sport – Great –from £48K

Jaguar XJ – modern and refined - from £55K

Aston Martin - OO7 Classic - £85K

Morgan – Classic appeal - £30- £120k

Bentley – class motor - £123K

Rolls Royce Ghost - Sheer Luxury - £200K

McLaren  - MP4 12 C Super car- £165k plus

Buying British is important to help support local jobs. This site  has some of the best products and services in and near to the Midlands which is becoming a mini  UK “Detroit”. Shame that not all the parent companies are British. That’s history...right now jobs and training opportunities for the young are more important than sentiment.

There are several cars to choose from that score highly with “4 out of 5” stars or “14 or more out of 20” in regular car magazine’s that “Stand out from the Crowd”. Two  2012 TOPCARs have to be the Range Rover Evoque and Ampera for setting new standards of design and innovation and the Twizy and ebikes by EBCO as a complete alternative and greener way to travel.


























When you plot all the main car manufacturing plants, F1 teams, WRC and track teams you soon realise the concentration of motoring expertise in the Midlands. Map racing circuits, karting, museums and you realise the extent of motoring DNA based in and around central England. The growth of these companies has a national and international significance to the UK which is great stuff.