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My perfect car and the journey I would take in it.


Home to Rome through the Furka Pass.

Being a young car journalist and enthusiast, I have had the amazing opportunity to review some outstanding cars over the past two and a half years. These cars vary from the Skoda Citigo to the Rolls Royce Wraith, which are polar opposites, £223,320 difference to be precise. The Citigo would make a great first car for any teenager, but for this story of a perfect car I will set my sight above the worry of  car price, insurance and fuel bills!

When I review a car I always ask the sales team or design engineer “How would you sum the car in 5 words?”. Words from "elegant" to "dynamic" and even to "panache" pop up but for my perfect car one of the words would have to be British!  

Knowing that I have tested several British Topcars, I have to make the challenging decision to decide on my "perfect car". After going backwards and forwards in my head between the Jaguar F Type, Aston Martin Vanquish//Vantage Roadster, McLaren MP4-12C and Rolls Royce Wraith inside I knew that my perfect car was the V12 Vanquish. Vanquish meaning power, conquest and victorious, the name of the car excites me, before even driving it or more likely as a passenger.


Lasting first impression of the Vanquish in March 2013

Nothing would be more iconic than being in an Aston Martin and driving on the tangled and twisted roads of the Swiss Alps on a journey from home to Rome. It is anyone’s dream to reinact James Bond whether your 9 or 89. When you think of James Bond you think of suave, sophisticated, debonair, charming and gracious, no better words could describe yourself or the car when you drive such a machine, or should I say masterpiece.

The Vanquish is much more than just a great sports car. It flies the British Flag for great design and engineering. The production facility at Gaydon gives a great insight into the detail, precision and passion that goes into making each car. The sense of style, sophistication and craftsmanship follows you into the inside of the car. The interior is done to the finest craftsmanship. The finest leather seating and door panels and tactile surfaces with stitch perfect seams and detailing give a real sense of luxury. Just by sitting down you start to have that 6th sense of the forceful character of the V12 engine ready to be unleashed.

The interior is every bit as sporty as the outside, it is a very nice place to be.

My experience of the Vanquish was that it behaves like a perfect automotive cocktail of all things sporty and refined. It was not shaken nor stirred, the ride is the perfect blend of sportiness with comfort. The Garnish, is a twist of lemon peel, which makes the handling sharp, responsive and sweet. 

So with the car chosen the perfect journey has to be the iconic location of the Furka pass in Switzerland. In 1964, the hairpin bends on the Furka pass earn their name in cinema history, where Tilly Masterson tries to assassinate Goldfinger and nearly wings 007! James Bond cheekily pops her wheels with his magical rims on the DB5, probably not the best way to make his first move on a women. 


Map of Furka Pass - from A to B in Switerland                                                   1964 - DB5 & Mustang


The perfect road for my perfect car! There would be no better place.


But on my trip hopefully there wouldn’t be as much drama, but only the drama between me, the car, the road and the stunning mountain scenery. And when the Aston is not available, the perfect everyday car would be the BMW i3.  That’s another story on TOPCARNEWS……..


Goldfinger - The Furka Pass scene and scenery

The Aston Martin Vanquish - in 5 words - Suave, Powerful, Desirable, Special and finally British!




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