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The 2012 TOPCAR "Kugelblitz" Awards! How HOT can it get?

For many people who don’t know what “Kugelblitz” is, it is when an object becomes hotter then ‘temperature’. It would become so hot what it is wouldn’t be considered a temperature.  So I thought a ‘Kugelblitz’ seems a fun way to describe some of the hottest cars worthy of a 2012 TopCar Award.

Since launching my website at the start of the Olympics back in July I have been helped by many local motoring businesses, particularly Rybrook of Warwick for the MP12 4C experience and Light Media who created a solid website platform. Since my classroom idea I have tested, reviewed and written articles on various types of cars from a Fiat Panda to Landrover Defender to the fantastic BRZ.

As part of my reviews I ask the car owner’s or sale person to sum up the car in just 5 words. Most can come out with 3 or 4 words quite quickly. So a great car or a “Kugelblitz Car” must be readily summed up in in 5 quick profound words.
So here are my teenage findings of some of the best 2012 cars. If a car can impress me in a 1-3 hours in a “Shotgun” test ride and would not be embarrassing on the school run then they must be pretty good.


Best Supercar of  2012 has to be the MP12 - Spider.

See my review of the hard top MP4-12C. Hopefully in the Spring I will have a go in the Spider. In the meantime, James May really rates the Spider in his recent review in December issue of Top Gear and the showroom photo’s below demonstrate it looks fabulous and the folding roof  is a masterpiece.
“Never before have I accelerated to 70mph with such ease and fun. The rapid acceleration is matched with brakes that felt like chucking an anchor out of the window. “

Best Sports car of  2012 has to be the Subaru BRZ.

In summary, the BRZ  ticks all the senses with good looks, sound, fun, sportiness, speed and value. With just 90 BRZ’s being imported in 2012 it looks like they will become gold dust for the lucky few. In the sub £25K price bracket Subaru’s offers an attractive “Every Thing Taken Care Of”  (ETCo) aftercare  programme and includes repairs to small dents and wheels for free. It goes way beyond what most other manufacturers offer to give peace of mind. Elliott sold two BRZ’s last week and it is easy to see what the USP of the BRZ is. It’s the complete sports car that should bring a new brand identity to Subaru as builders of a great sports car. Once leaders in constructing tough rally cars and four wheel drive estate cars Subaru really have created a TOPCAR drivers sports car.

Best Small Car of 2012 is the Skoda Citigo or Panda depending a choice of substance over flair


I really like the Citigo. Great things come in small packages. The tiny engine packs a punch that will exceed most expectations. The 50 mile trip highlighted the Citigo is very able for longer journeys not just for pottering around the city or town. If you compare the Citigo to the Panda, the Citigo has a better engine and the Panda has a more stylish interior. Style is a personal choice -  both cars are great value for money and either will not disappoint.

Take Your Pick! Both will impress


Green Car of 2012 is the Ampera

Overall, the Ampera in my opinion is major stepping stone for Vauxhall to develop a new modern Brand Image, creating cars with positive environmental objectives, style and better quality. Getting new technology comes at a price which for those that can afford it brings early satisfaction and should save several thousands of pounds off the petrol bill.


The Best Family Car  of the Year goes to the BMW330SE Touring

“The twin turbo diesel is remarkable. The car has a “Magic Button” which makes the car take off like a rocket in SPORT MODE. 0-62mph in 5.6seconds and over 50mpg with room for 5 and the pet dog is a class act to follow. “

Living in Warwickshire we have a very nice Castle which prompts the overall 2012 Kugelblitz Award – The King of the Castle Kugelblitz Award is the BMW330D SE – simply the car is  “Phenomenal”. It’s beautifully made, solid as a rock, full of character and with the mystery “magic ECO-SPORT button” that totally transforms the character of the car. It’s the Swizz Army knife of cars – family- executive-sports- estate-greenish car in one package.

Ps. If you think someone is ‘hot’ call them a “Kugelblitz “

My source for Kugelblitz is VSAUCE – How hot can it get? On You Tube.


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