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New Boxster is just a joy!

- Ade Holder - Motoring Journalist  creates my first Guest Journalist Article for TOPCARNEWS for those looking for a car for the Spring.


I took the highly anticipated 2012 Porsche Boxster for a spin back last Autumn. If you are anything like me you know a little bit about what I was expecting from this car and I am a very happy to say it is well worth the hype.

From the first moment you see the new Boxster in the flesh you realise Porsche are taking this incarnation of their mid engine roadster very seriously indeed. In simple terms, the wheels are closer to each end so the car looks more purposeful than the older version, the overhanging nose is gone, the side air intakes are bigger and the whole car just looks fantastic. As well as the looks this car is more powerful, lighter and more economical than its predecessors, and that’s before you even get behind the wheel.

The car test car I had did have a number of optional extras as part of the package, from various handling and internal options, to the fantastic 7 speed PDK gear box, as well as larger wheels and a very impressive audio upgrade. However, with or without this I am very confident this car will still impress even the most hardened drivers.

The interior is perfectly German; smooth, neat, well laid out and a very nice place to be. Porsche have somehow managed to make you feel like you are in a racing car without any of the bumps and sharp edges.

To drive, this car is just fantastic. It offers various modes to suit your taste from sports plus with sharper gear changes, harder suspension and less traction control to the standard setting which serves very well for just popping to the shops. I even managed to drive my 8 ½ month pregnant partner 30 or so miles in perfect comfort!

The Boxster is just a joy! In sports plus the performance is stunning, it feels substantially faster than the figures would suggest. However, in any mode it’s thrilling experience. The flat six just offers up a song which is just addictive. The Boxster’s chassis lets you feel so connected with the road and the car you won’t want to get out…ever!

After countless miles of smiling round the roads of Sussex I found it impossible to find anything I don’t like about this car. Even the convertible roof folds down simply and quickly with no fuss at all. When the roof is up you would never know you were not in a hard top car. At a push the worst thing I could come up with was the hidden cup holder in the dashboard would not fit a bottle of drink from M&S….that is really it!

Whether you are a Porsche owner, or a first time sports car buyer you will get heaps of fun from this car. It will be and do whatever you need it to do and all for a starting price of £37,589!

195 kW (265 hp) at 6,700 rpm
Top speed: 264 km/h (164 mph)
0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.8 s
Fuel consumption/Emissions*
Combined: 8.2 l/100 km (34.4 mpg)
CO2 emissions: 192 g/km
GBP 37,589.00 incl. VAT

Topcar Rating 

***** 5/5


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