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JAGUAR XKR Convertible

Very Sleek in White or Black

Key facts

Engine- 5000cc Supercharged V8
Power 503 bhp
0-60 4.6 sec
Economy 23mpg or 292g/kmPrice - XK Convertibles from £71,430 to £103,430 (XKR-S)
75% made in Britain.
Verdict 4.5 stars


Just looking at a Jaguar XKR Convertible there is an instant attraction.  Sleek, lean and athletic in black.  In many ways I sense I can compare this car to “Oscar” – my cat. A feisty character. Outwardly sophisticated, charming, potentially moody and fierce when provoked.

The XKR is a great car on looks alone. Just a shame I can’t take the steering wheel  on my first Top Car review around a test circuit. So my driver for the XKR experience is John Johnson – UK Operations Director for Jaguar. So proud is he of his car that he kindly offered a 503hp experience on local Warwickshire roads.

First impressions engage all my senses. Looks Great.  Press the “Start” Button and the sound is fantastic – from purring to a wonderful lion’s roar at the blip of the throttle. Getting in the car is easy and one is struck by the space – not too big and not too small in the front. In the rear – just enough room for a cat! Well, perhaps two small children.  The leather is soft and beautifully stitched, with  body hugging seats that can be cooled on hot days at the press of a button.Quickly, I find a comfortable position by pressing a few more buttons. The dash is classy – possibly a bit staid for younger buyers. But with the rising auto gear selector once the “Start” button is pressed I’ll quickly forgive any shortcomings. Good design is simple – just like an iPad. The  JaguarDrive  pop up gear changer is  simple “magic”.

A blip of the throttle and the XKR  leaps forward like my Oscar leaps forward in  chasing a pigeon off the lawn. The nose instantly rises and there is no lag from the supercharged V8 aluminium engine. I knew it was going to be fast but not that fast. The noise gets better with more throttle. John was keen to outline that when you purchase the XKR they tune the sound to your specification. It gets even better with the rush of the wind and the car rapidly moves up the six speed automatic.  John gives me a taste of the 503bhp and you are pushed  into your seat and smile. Junctions approach swiftly and the high performance brakes do their bit to reverse the g forces. In and out of corners the car grips with claw like strength to the road. I really like it.


Overall, the XKR is a class act just like Oscar my cat. A car that is  classy, friendly and playfully feisty to be with. The engine and body are built locally in the Midlands, which is good for the UK economy. The car reflects the heritage of an E Type and 21st century technology to create a super car. Sadly, the price at near £85-103k for the XKR is beyond the pockets of most. The XKR is definitely a Top Car.  Owners of this “cat” have the cream! First impression of the XKR makes a lasting impression. It’s "Fabulous" rating for the noise alone and it’s British!

XK Convertible - wonderful exhaust noise and speed.



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