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Will the RENAULT TWIZY be the future URBAN Mobility POD?


Whilst most electric cars attract “Premium Car “ prices well in excess of £20,000 and have a range of just 100 miles the answer to many commuter needs could be the Twizy. It is great to see  Renault recently launching its innovative Twizy electric mobility pod. The asking price is £6600 plus £40 per month for the battery.
There  are  two versions called the  Urban and Technic, with the Urban edition devoid of doors. Compared to dodging traffic on a scooter the Twizy is a practical and grown up “Vision” of Clive Sinclairs C5. Add some funky colours and it won’t be too long before the town parking bays may look like a “grown up” flower bed.
The lithium-ion batteries for Renault Twizy Z.E. Concept are located beneath the two seats. They are charged by means of an extendible cable located behind the Renault logo at the front. The cable can be plugged into a 220V 10A or 16A domestic socket, and will fully charge the batteries in just three and a half hours providing a range of about 60 miles. Pretty dam good for the price.

What is even better is that they are working of  a detuned version for 16 year olds - which young driver and parents feel a safer bet than a scooter of busy UK roads. 

CAN'T AFFORD AN ELECTRIC CAR  - Then try an Electric Bike by EBCO based in  Leamington

Electric bikes (or ebikes as we all refer to them) are more likely to be the  next great leap forward for personal transport. Quality ebikes can be bought for £900-£1700.  Whether commuting or just riding for fun, modern ebikes are a comfortable, reliable and very environmentally friendly way to get from A to B. Warwickshire based EBCO is a company that is actively delivering the ebike revolution.  Many European countries have seen an explosion of popularity in ebikes, for example, in Switzerland ebike sales leapt 85% from 2008 to 2009 and it is expected that across Europe more than one million ebikes will be sold this year (data from Bike Europe).

Why have they become so popular?  It’s simple, with recent advances in technology, including high-capacity batteries and more efficient motors, ebikes are now – more than ever – a great way to get around. EBCO has invested in the latest technology to ensure its premium ebikes are leading this transport revolution in the UK. To fully charge an ebike battery from flat takes five to six hours, which is the equivalent power used by a 100-watt household light bulb being switched on for a few hours or about 5p to travel some 40-50 miles. Simply, a smart and healthy answer to ever increasing fuel prices. If you want to go even greener then link your ebike or car to a solar panel system. 


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