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Sure-Track - a smart covert tracking service focused to recover stolen vehicles.

Sure-Track were the first advertising sponsors to support my TOPCARNEWS website. It all started by chance when I met William Hirons, the owner of Sure-Track, at a motor show in Coventry last Summer. Sure-track is a unique service, which tracks and recovers stolen vehicle’s that contain their covert-tracking device. A recent visit to their Kenilworth office gave me an interesting insight to the business of tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles. Each year over 100,000 cars are stolen in the UK. I was to find out that often luxury cars are some of the most stolen cars in the UK. (See details of top ten cars targeted by thieves below.)

Recovered TVR thanks to Sure-Track


The Sure-Track device is a small, battery powered, black wireless unit which makes it easy to conceal in most vehicles. The robust tracker unit is very compact and flexible, which means you could swap the device between vehicles, from car, to motor cycle to caravan or boat. For greater peace of mind each unattended vehicle should be tracked.

My meeting with Tim Edwards, Operations Manager, and Debbie Davis, co-owner of Sure Track quickly gave me the impression of a friendly business, which was established in 2002. Tim joined the company in 2004 after graduating from Warwick University. The business has steadily grown over the years based upon its reputation that 91% of stolen assets tracked by Sure-Track are located within 9 hours.

Tim explained how the device uses both GPRS/GSM signals similar to a mobile phone to track vehicles. Tracked vehicle locations are displayed on a pc screen in the office, and can be also viewed remotely by the vehicle owners. The tracker device incorporates high frequency transmitter technology and sensitive motion detectors that transmit signals when unauthorised people move vehicles. If you are pro British like me, I am pleased to say the product  is designed and assembled in the UK. The latest unit are smaller and even more robust, reflecting the reduction in battery size. The sealed battery life is now 3 years. Tim outlined other devices on the market require more power and need to be wired up to the vehicle, which makes it easy to locate and disable by thieves.

Once a vehicle is stolen Sure-Track’s dedicated teamwork work 24/7 to monitor the general location of the vehicle by using GPRS/GSM signals. Once they are in the general location of a stolen vehicle,  radio frequency (RF) signals are transmitted for an accurate location.

Trail of stolen vehicle

Debbie outlined they use ex police and army staff to track and locate stolen assets and use the Police to make a formal recovery of goods in most situations. The speed of the recovery reflects the dedication of the established tracking team and reliability of the equipment. The devices are often used to track fleets of construction and agricultural plant, which is of high value. The tracker unit is accredited Thatcham CAT 7 for all vehicle types. This looks at all aspects of the products quality, performance, manufacturing capability and service.

If you have any valuable vehicle assets that you are considering to get security for, I would suggest a good look at the Sure-Track system. A single tracker unit costs £299+VAT and the annual subscription is from £69+VAT. Added advantages include you can get insurance discounts and most importantly peace of mind that you are very likely to  get your treasured car or business vehicles back. Debbie said that many users of Sure-Track appreciate the reduced impact on their business of getting stolen vehicles back quickly. Where some other companies just track, Sure -Track are focused to get it back!

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MORE Details on 2011/12 Car Thefts (Source

• Land Rover Defender is UK’s most-stolen car
• German luxury cars make up seven of top-ten most stolen cars in UK

The first annual theft index from revealed that, despite being comparatively rare on UK roads, luxury cars such as Land Rovers, Audis and BMWs were disproportionately more likely to be stolen. Nine of the top ten targets were luxury vehicles, despite often having sophisticated security systems. The top three cars, the Land Rover Defender, BMW 7 Series and Audi A5.

The Ford Focus – the most popular car on the road – came in 46th
The average OTR price among the top ten most stolen cars is a staggering £37,815  with the most valuable car on the list – the Land Rover Range Rover – starting at £69,995.

Robin Reames, chief claims officer at insurance provider, said: “Given that luxury vehicles are usually alarmed, well protected and parked in affluent – and ostensibly secure – neighbourhoods, it’s surprising that they’re still so likely to be targeted. This index should give drivers pause for thought: no car is immune from theft, and the best security system in the world won’t protect a car if, as is often the case, the keys are stolen.”
“Often, luxury cars which are stolen are immediately sent abroad where they can be resold or stripped for parts. Cars which are popular internationally – such as the Land Rover range - are easier to sell on, which makes them much more desirable from a thief’s point of view.” analysis shows the top ten cars most likely to be targeted by thieves:

2011/12 TOP 10 Stolen Cars

1 Land Rover Defender
2 BMW 7 Series
3 Audi A5
4 BMW X5
5 Mercedes ML
6 Land Rover Range Rover
7 Audi TT
8 BMW Z4
9 Audi A3
10 Renault Laguna

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