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2013 TOPCAR Kugelblitz Awards

For many people who don’t know what “Kugelblitz” is, it is when an object becomes hotter then ‘temperature’. It would become so hot what it is wouldn’t be considered a temperature.  So I thought a ‘Kugelblitz’ seems a fun way to describe some of the hottest cars worthy of a 2012 TopCar Award. The past year has flown by and its time for my 2013 Awards.

Since launching my website at the start of the Olympics back in July  2012 I have been helped by many local Warwickshire based motoring businesses, particularly Rybrook of Warwick for the MP12 4C experience and Light Media who created a solid website platform. Following  my classroom idea I have tested, reviewed and written articles on various types of cars from a Fiat Panda to Landrover Defender to the fantastic BRZ and F Type. A week at Aston Martin gave me the thrill of the Vanquish and 0ne-77.

As part of my reviews I ask the car owner’s or sale person to sum up the car in just 5 words. Most can come out with 3 or 4 words quite quickly. So a great car or a “Kugelblitz Car” must be readily summed up in in 5 quick profound words. So here are my teenage findings of some of the best 2013 cars. If a car can impress me in a 1-3 hours in a “Shotgun” test ride and would not be embarrassing on the school run then they must be pretty good.

Best Supercar of  2013 is the Aston Martin Vanquish


For some an Aston Martin may not be  be flash enough. For those that want style……"James Bond" type of style then this is the car for you. Vanquish meaning power, conquest and stealth like. You can approach corners and leave corners in speed and comfort with the fabulous roar of a V12. Its beautifully made close by in Gaydon Warwickshire.

Click on image to read my AMazing time at Aston Martin

Best Sports car of  2013 has to be the Jaguar F Type

The F Type is “Fast, Agile, Loud, Fun and Beautiful”. The F Type is more than just a great sports car. It flies the British Flag for great design, engineering and jobs. So if you can afford such a sports car ……go on….buy British and fly the flag!


"F" is for Fabulous.                                Click on image for my review of the F Type. 

Best Small Car of 2013 remains to be the Skoda Citigo or Panda depending a choice of substance over flair

I really like the Citigo. The tiny engine packs a punch that will exceed most expectations. The 50 mile trip highlighted the Citigo is very able for longer journeys not just for pottering around the city or town. If you compare the Citigo to the Panda, the Citigo has a better engine and the Panda has a more stylish interior. Style is a personal choice -  both cars are great value for money and either will not disappoint.

Take Your Pick! Both will impress

Green Car of 2013 is the BMW i3

Great things do come in little packages. The all-new i3 is the next big thing; its great style and innovative technology will exceed most people’s expectations. Great quality and premium feel product  stirs the human senses. The BMW will change your view on an electric car. An electric car doesn’t need to be drab and slow, the i3 has plenty of zip and pull with its 0-62mph in 7.9seconds. Neither shaken nor stirred the BMW is a perfect blend of quality, ride and feel.



The Best SUV of the Year goes to the Evoque

The Best SUV of the Year for me goes to the Evoque even some two years after its launch in 2011. It is a bit like a Swiss Army Knife. Multi functional and very nicely put together. It’s a family car- executive-sports- estate-greenish car in one package. How many other cars have the full package, of looks,  cross country drive ability and comfort. Driving the Evoque over the bumpy terrain of Ragley Hall estate sure did show me the capabilities of all the bells and whistles. If its good enough for Posh and Becks its good enough for me!



Evoque - multi talented and functional just like a Swiss Army Knife


Living in Warwickshire we have a two very nice Castles at Warwick and Kenilworth which prompts the overall 2013 Kugelblitz Award – The King of the Castle Kugelblitz Award is the BMW i3– simply the car is  “Fun” and starting to break new manufacturing ground. The tiny petrol engine gets rid of most of the range anxiety and the electric motor is full of beans. It’s beautifully made, solid as a rock, full of character and futuristic.

A key characteristic of a TOPCAR is that it has to be “fun” for the driver and passenger.

First impressions of the i3 are lasting impressions. The adjectives to sum up the i3 are numerous and not limited to …, silent, solid, different, relaxed, nippy, agile, exciting, smooth, powerful, go-kart like, futuristic, desirable...........

BMW have raised the EV goal posts to a high new level. I rate the car 9/10. A true TOPCAR!

PS. If you think someone is ‘hot’ call them a “Kugelblitz “

My source for Kugelblitz is VSAUCE – How hot can it get? On You Tube.


2012 Kugelblitz Awards                                                                   




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