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WINTER MONTHS - Visit Coventry Transport Museum for a fantastic free day out


If you’re looking for a fantastic FREE day out    for all the family, you can’t beat Coventry Transport Museum.  In the heart of Coventry city centre, this huge Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of British road transport, and a visit whisks you away into a world of stories of real people, real passions and real hope.

You’ll discover the stories behind the people who made Coventry the centre of the world’s motor and cycle industries, and get up close and personal with the actual vehicles that defined some of history’s most important moments.  The Museum is laid out as a journey through time – you’ll wander 19th Century streets and discover the first bicycles, carriages and cars, then explore the first car factories and gasp as you witness their wartime destruction in the Blitz Experience.  The journey continues through the Boomtown, Spirit of Speed and Ghost Town galleries to bring you right up to the present day.

This Autumn and Winter, be transported to the 1950s and 60s, as Coventry Transport Museum presents a delightful new exhibition of British scooters from these two fascinating decades.

Whilst many people are familiar with the Italian scooters favoured by the Mod generation, this new exhibition showcases over 40 scooters made right here in Britain – and there are quite a few weird and wonderful surprises in store.

All of the scooters on display were collected by one man, Robin Spalding ( and they include well-known British names such as Triumph, BSA and Raleigh, as well as more ‘obscure’ manufacturers such as DMW, DKR and Dunkley, to offer a unique perspective on this iconic form of personal transport.

Of course the scooters themselves are the stars of the show, but they are complemented by eye-catching displays of advertising, fashion and furnishings from the 50s and 60s, to create an experience that is both nostalgic and surprising, and is bound to get you talking!







The Alfa Romeo Owners’ Club Limited (AROC) was founded in 1964 and now has over 4000 members in the UK and across the world.

Owners join the club to share knowledge and experience for mutual benefit and to enjoy the special aura that is part of a truly iconic marque in motoring history. Running an Alfa Romeo is more than a standard consumer experience and brings exceptional rewards to those able to appreciate the cars in the right context.

Many members remain members for life. It has been called ‘Virus’ Alfa’, but this virus is certainly benevolent!
No matter what Alfa Romeo you own, from pampered classic to very latest model, AROC will help you get the very most from it and in the company of a great many like-minded individuals. 

Also see that’s aimed at owners of newer Alfas

On August 5th  the Midland’s Italian Car group gathered at Elvaston Castle, near Derby for their 12th annual gathering.  4 particular cars that took my notice are as follows:-


Fiat 500 - "Small and cutest"

Alfasud  - "Shiniest Paintwork - Real Effort"

Spider - "Best Open Top - Italian Soul"

Brera 3.2 V6 GT - "Best Engine"



The UK’s Only Motoring Club For Women

FOXY is a female brand meaning shrewd, savvy and discerning. See what the Daily Telegraph says about us here.
FOXY Lady Drivers Club is the UK’s only ‘everyday motoring’ club for women. Let’s face it, someone needs to rattle a few cages in the motor industry to get women the sort of service levels and respect that we’re used to in our everyday shopping lives.

Club benefits

  • Time and money are always at a premium and motoring can get VERY stressful at times. Join FOXY online and we’ll be here when you need us most; for the best deals, independent advice, female friendly motoring services and helpful support.
  • Current membership benefits include:
  • Money-saving offers and discount vouchers
  • A friendly motoring helpdesk for practical advice and support
  • A car buying advisory service
  • VIP treatment at female friendly UK garages
  • FREE seasonal car safety checks
  • Car insurance news and the latest deals
  • A female friendly no fault accident assistance service
  • Join the Club online and you can then rely on having FOXY for your motoring friend for life! And you can share a lot of our services with your family. For just £23…
  • Join online for just £23
  • We’re keeping our prices low because so many women are bearing the brunt of the current job losses and increases in household bills. Our special lifetime subscription costs just £23 and does precisely what it says on the tin. For life. And you can share most of our services with your family.

All you need to JOIN ONLINE NOW is an email address and a credit card.