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Fun Drives

 Silverstone – A great place for fun drives from £30


        Thumbs up to a HOT RIDE in a Caterham 7

For my first fun drive there couldn’t have been any better place to go than Silverstone.  There couldn’t have been any much better car to go in other than a Caterham 7 – very basic but very fast.

For my fun drive - or HOT RIDE Experience - I had a very special driver named Chris. Chris was no ordinary driver as he was a 2-times go-cart champion beating Lewis Hamilton and Formula Renault and the Clio Cup contender. Chris outlined that he was in a serious racing crash  caused by avoiding another driver which injured him so severely he could of died. Chris had a crushed spine and had to be cut out of his car and immediately and sent to hospital. With this horrific injury he can no longer compete in major racing championships.  Retaining his passion for fast cars he now works at Silverstone Experiences doing what he loves.

Once strapped in to the Caterham I knew I was in for a treat and some speed. When Chris started up the sweet raspy engine I knew it was going to be fast. Leaving the Experience reception building with a huge smile on my face and butterfly’s in my stomach I was so excited to enter the drive through garage of the fantastic new £27M Grandstand and famous pit lane. 

As soon as we left the sloping pit lane, Chris “floored” the Caterham’s throttle and we flew off towards Abbey Corner and flicked back into Village.  The Caterham has 185 willing horses to drag the car at fantastic speed. The 0-60mph is less than 5 seconds which feels even faster being sat so low to the ground.

Racing down Hanger Straight Chris puts the car to its max, passing wanna be Ferrari, Aston Martin and Lotus drivers with ease. Once we reach Stowe corner Chris dabbed the brakes and turning into the apex with a squeal from the tyres, you don’t really know how quick you go  but you sure have lots of fun! Before you know it you are pasted the Grandstand, again and again and you wish the experience lasted longer than the 3 laps.

In summery,  the Hot Ride for £30 is a real fun treat for juniors who want a fast thrill. It also fills the time when mums and dads have their fun in a Ferrari or Aston. Take your camera, as there are lots of special cars and bikes.



4x4 Off Road Driving, Warwick - £130 per hour

Get your hands on a fully equipped Land Rover and learn how to drive it off road. The emphasis is on real off road driving - you may well get stuck in the mud and resort to using the vehicles winch to pull you free. Various sessions are available to cater for a wide range of groups from 24 people down to individuals.


Click on the Image for the full range of driving at Adventure Sports - Warwick

4x4 Taster Session (4-8 people)

The 4x4 taster sessions are a great way for groups to have a go at driving off road. The one-hour session is based on a training course and it is possible to get up to eight people to drive in the time. The Land Rover can accommodate the driver, the instructor (in the passenger seat) and up to three passengers on the back seats - the driving time is divided down between all the group members.
The training area incorporates mud, hill climbs, inclined planes, descents and challenging rough ground. The instructor will provide tuition throughout and guests can take it in turns to be both driver and passenger.
As long as you can comfortably reach the pedals you can take part (they have had ten year olds driving well!) No driving ability is required so non-drivers and those without a driving license are more than welcome.

Cost £130 per vehicle, per hour so for a group of four just over £30 each for a load of fun


Leader of the Pack


On the 26th of August I visited the 2012 Land Rover Show at Eastnor Castle, which has been the main off-roading testing ground for LR since 1961. The Landrover Experience is also located at Eastnor and has been teaching Off Road Driving Skills for the last 20 years. At the event there were hundreds of Land Rovers and their owners celebrating 60 years of engineering heritage. However the majority of the cars were the iconic Defender 90 and 110’s of all levels of customisation.

Around the Land Rover event people from all around England took part by showing off their pride and joy. Some even paid £45 to test their car to its limits by going round the Eastnor off-road track.  I was fortunate enough to crib a lift in the latest Defender 110 2.2D XS Station Wagon 5 Door.

For my off-road experience I was allowed to sit in with Team Leader Alfie Bates who is a Senior Instructor and has worked at Landrover Experience for the last 10 years. Alfie a former member of the Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (M) had spent plenty of time in Defenders in UK and abroad. Alfie is a confessed petrol head having owned four souped up Mini’s. His current cars are a Defender 90 and a Mercedes 350SLK. In addition to the latest Landrover portfolio Alfie occasionally gets to drive some of the competitor vehicles all of which make an interesting comparison. Alfie has also been engaged in the Landrover Dynamic Driving Program and gets the chance to Instruct on tarmac on the Test Tracks at Gaydon. He says it is an absolute thrill driving the Supercharged Range Rover Sport and putting it through its paces. The performance in jaw dropping (500+ BHP), by the way it aslo has the most incredable Off Road capability.


We are leading a convoy of 10 cars including several classic Series Landrovers,Discoveries, a Jeep and a Mitsubishi Shogun all are up for the challenge of steep and muddy terrain. The two millionth Land Rover is projected to come of the production line in 2012. Of all the LR’s ever produced, an estimated three-quarters are still in regular use. The latest Defender retains the original simple, honest and distinctive design. The Defender has a unique stance, which is fit for hard work or a trip to Harrods. Our vehicle had a few key options including steering protection plate, winch and Goodyear Wrangler all terrain tyres. The interior of the Defender has been modernised but retains its agricultural heritage of being rugged in appearance and mud friendly.

The guided convoy lasted two hours across the “Intermediate” Circuit. The Defender simply ate up the steep muddy tracks and water features. Being “leaders” we had to regularly stop for drivers on non Land Rover vehicles that got grounded or lost exhaust pipes or bent side running boards. The new 2.2 litre engine seemed well suited to the Defender. The engine has a anti-stall device that works in 1st ,2nd  and Reverse gear in Low Range, this allows the Defender to crawl up the steepest slopes.  


Alfie remarked that some owners were not making best use of their vehicles being unaware of the advantages of the Low Range and Differential Lock selectable options and when to use them. Walkie talkies were used to pass on 'set up' tips to the drivers of the convoy vehicles and exchange jokes between instructors.

In summery,  the Land Rover Experience is good fun for passengers and much better for drivers. The Defender is an iconic vehicle. The intermediate circuit seemed impressive. I guess the advanced circuit is nearly vertical and awesome. Half and Full Day adventures range from £195-£365 which is a bit steep as when you have been once you need to go back for more. A tip is to see what late bookings are available as discounts of 40% are possible on the website At Gaydon and Solihull there are one hour taster drives at £75 per driver, £7 per adult passenger and £6 per child which may suit the pocket better.

Land Rover Defender  - a  real TOPCAR